Are your undergarments working for you?

Ladies, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing high waisted underwear or undergarments that will flatter the clothing you wear. In fact, it’s an absolute necessity! 

I have seen the difference a great bra, underwear and slip can make to the most basic of outfits. Something happens to a woman’s confidence when she’s wearing something that fits well and in all the right places. 

Not sure where to go to find high quality undergarments? 

There’s a plethora on the market. Everything from imported to Aussie made. It’s important to look at the thickness and fabric content. It also depends on the area you’re wanting the undergarment for. Personally, I like the Intimo range, they have beautiful undergarments which are made well. My other go-to undergarments are Spanx, Bellissima Store and SKIMS.   

Not sure how to find the one that works best for your shape? 

When in doubt, try them out! 

Start with some online research. Visit the store. Bring the garment with you or wear it to the store and try it on with the undergarments. Take some pics whilst in the fitting room. Don’t be in a rush to buy. Take your time, explore. Visit multiple stores. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to invest in the one you love the most which you will have forever and will flatter you in all the right places. 

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