#Inspo in #Iso

So let me give you a little perspective while we’re all in #iso, and maybe even something to do that focuses on you – yes, YOU the goddess from within. It’s time. You might want to grab a wine glass and bottle and lock the bedroom door! Now sit back and let’s play…

I look around me and what I see right now is fear, boredom and frustration. Husbands, wives and children being confined to a space together indefinitely. He’s not travelling, she’s cooking, cleaning and working from home – more than ever before, and let’s just add some home schooling to the mix – have you ripped your hair out yet, or are you becoming a mild alcoholic??

Personally, I’ve stopped reading all the posts on social media and listening to the news. Occasionally l may switch on confident that I’ll find out how things are progressing sooner or later. After all we’re not Italy! Momentarily, I’m preferring to spend time being creative. Whether in the kitchen or playing in my business. Making things and creating things! This situation has made me appreciative of all that I do have in my life. Perhaps there’s a need for a more simplistic approach to life and what’s important.

I smile when I think how often I’d wished I had time to do things. Time now seems to be what we all have plenty of! So, I’m choosing to use it wisely. I’m using it to reach out and give some #inspo in #iso (rocking the hashtags before they become obsolete!!) I’d like to give you a little perspective while we’re all in #iso, and maybe even something to do that focuses on you – yes, YOU the goddess from within. It’s time. You might want to grab a wine glass and bottle and lock the bedroom door! Now sit back and let’s play…

Let’s talk about you, your wardrobe, your style. It’s ok, it’s safe; you have wine right? There’s a famous woman by the name of Iris Apfel. She’s an incredible human. She just rocks the most incredible outfits. 98 years young, and still creating the most outlandish of outfits. I often look at her with absolute admiration. The looks she pulls off are exquisite! It’s not mutton dressing up as lamb, it’s appreciating you can do anything and wear anything. Let your imagination run free!

It’s no secret when you put on a pair of heels vs. a pair of runners that you feel different. Think of the boardroom suit or the yoga outfit. Would you wear them both to the same event? Unlikely right? How do you feel when you’re all glammed up for a wedding? Don’t you feel fabulous and like you’re rocking your inner goddess? This is what clothing does. It’s not necessarily about being on trend or following the latest fashion. Don’t try to squeeze into things that the collective wear – just because you feel pressured to. I know, we live in a world where ageing has become bad word. Embrace it all, it’s your uniqueness. Every line, every curve, every stretch mark, it’s just symbolic of the life you’ve lived. The children you’ve had. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, we should be wearing it all with pride of the life we’ve lived.

Remember we’re made to stand out – not fit in. Life is much more exciting when you take on this perspective. I like to refer to it as Shape Shifting. Making a shift from the inside out. It’s one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself. That is why transformation must begin from within. Is there any other way to play, explore and have fun? The clothes are secondary to what you can achieve. There’s no denying you feel different when you put on your workwear vs your yoga wear or an evening gown.

Now that you’re hopefully one glass in, let’s rip off the bandaid! I want you to walk over to your wardrobe and open it. What do you see? How many decades are in there? Please don’t tell me you still have your formal dress because that’s when you were skinny?! Ok, if you do, take another sip you might need it. Let’s pack it away. You don’t necessarily need to remember how skinny you were. Let’s leave it for another time when your daughter gets curious about what you wore to your year 12 formal and the boy that accompanied you. If she’s anything like mine, some of the words you might hear go something like ‘eeeewwww mum’ So now, we’ve ripped off the bandaid – see painless! Take another sip and tell me what else do you see? Can you remember how you were feeling when you bought that black top? I bet you were thinking you could hide in there – it would make you look slimmer? Well I think it’s time, after all we have so much of it right now that it makes sense to really sit and reflect. What are your clothes saying about you? Do they reflect who you are and how you want to be seen? Your inner brilliance, your inner goddess. How does that dress make you feel when you put it on?

Your wardrobe should be your sanctuary. The place you can play, put on any costume you like. I know not every look is for every body shape, but that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the look you love. Now’s the time to do something for you. Let’s Shape Shift together!

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