Is the body meant to fit the dress, or the dress fit the body?

I don’t know how many times I’ve stood outside a fitting room and watched women come out saying “I need to lose weight for this to fit better!” I find it sad that it seems to be our go-to. We berate ourselves and our bodies because something is ill fitting. Why do we forget clothes are meant to fit our body and our shape – not the other way ‘round? 

We’re not all 6” tall and a size 8! As a matter of fact, there’s fewer women built that way. 

It’s no longer a secret that certain shapes suit a particular style of clothing. Thanks to shows such as Trinny and Susannah and How to Look Good Naked, we have been educated over the years. 

It fascinates me though how many women (still) berate their body when something doesn’t fit well though. Is it because we find it hard to shop, and have no idea which stores to visit?  

Arguably there could be some truth to that! 

The problem isn’t your shape ladies, the problem is unless you know the styles which flatter all your curves and sit well in all the right places, you’ll be trying on outfit after outfit thinking there’s something wrong with you. Unlikely the case in my experience. 

Once you know what works, what doesn’t, it’s so much easier to shop. It’s easier to find your go-to staple that you’ll have on repeat in your wardrobe for many years to come. 

Isn’t it time you stopped berating your body and focused on finding the outfit that makes you go WOW?! 

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