The Premium Goddess Retreats

The Shapeshifter Experience is for you, the woman tired of struggling with what to wear, and serious about revamping your personal style so you can feel energised, excited, and effortless as you flow out in the world being you. If you truly want to create a change and know that it takes more than just cleaning out your wardrobe – then this is so ideal for you!

Uncovering your Style Goddess

Day 1

Style Connection

we start together in our small group by exploring your current style. You will identify challenges and overwhelms when it comes to your current and past style. Then we begin to paint the picture of what’s truly possible for your future as a Style Goddess.

Day 2

Creative Fun Explosion

Today is about understanding your current reality and discovering the magic of your proportions and the amazing opportunities your body has for you as you open up to your new goddess infused personal style.

Day 3

Defining My Personal Style

today you create a mood board, bringing together what you have learned so far, and infusing in the style dreams you have for yourself. It’s a day of expanding into the energy of style and embodying your inner Style Goddess. You will definitely have a sense of her by now.

Day 4

Style Queen

the Ultimate Style Goddess: a day to play with colour, accessories, and how to put it all together with the greatest of fun, ease and confidence. This is a day to try things you never imagined could be possible and to lean into extending your style in a totally Style Goddess kind of way.

Day 5

Personal Style Goddess WOW day!

Think of a makeover like none other because you’re stepping into the potentiality of the Style Goddess you were born to be. This is where you truly understand what embodiment means and you walk away from this entire experience feeling magical, captivating, transformed and ready to let your inner Style Goddess lose in the world.


Let's uncover your
Inner Style Goddess

Let's uncover your Inner Style Goddess


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