Are you Superman or Cinderella?
Imagination, a word not used as frequently in adulthood as in childhood. Is it a word that’s deemed as frivolous? Associated to something that we should NOT devote time and energy to? Perhaps even seen as irresponsible when there are so many more pressing things going on in our lives and around the world.

All I’ve ever done my whole life is used my imagination. Think and see stories visually in my head. That’s how I’ve created most of business – both past and present. Imagination brings me joy and makes me feel alive. Coming back to my true nature and immersing myself in all the things that are important to me.

I find it interesting that our mind is so strong willed and capable of so much. Understanding how to channel it so that we remain joyous at every opportunity is almost a responsibility, not an option. Moment by moment we make a choice. We chose the thought we allow to stay and linger causing us either pain or freedom. What if we realised that imagination can create our reality? Everything we see and feel. Immersed ourselves into the freedom of creativity and allowed ourselves to form and create new images, new concepts. This is where an individuals true inner style can be found. The true inner God or Goddess.

Remember when you played dress ups and put on a cape to become Superman or a dress to become Cinderella? We got into character and used our imagination effortlessly and with ease. We played, we laughed. There was joy in those carefree moments. That’s how I want clothing to make you and I feel – everyday! Knowing and owning your style. Respecting and celebrating who you are.

We have creative freedom to be whoever we want to be – both internally and externally. Isn’t it time you took your mind on a trip down memory lane and allowed it to immerse in the joy of playing dress ups all over again?

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